Dec 10, 2020

Japanese Vinyl Laboratory: The Master Sound Series

Japanese vinyl has a special high quality audio series called Master Sound.

During the early 1980s, CBS/Sony developed the Master Sound series aimed to produce better sound than standard LPs.

Billy Joel / An Innocent Man (CBS/Sony, 30AP 2539 / Master Sound issue)

For instance, Billy Joel’s 1983 An Innocent Man original price for its standard pressing was 2,500 yen, while the Master Sound pressing cost 3,000 yen.

Variations of Master Sounds

There are some variations of Master Sound on vinyl. Depending on the type, the sound performance differs as well as how the vinyl is cut.

1. Master Sound / HM : Half-Speed Mastering
2. Master Sound / DM : Digital Mastering
3. Master Sound / DM 45 : Digital Mastering (45RPM LP)
4. Master Sound / DR : Digital Recording
5. Master Sound / DR : Digital Recording (45RPM LP)
6. Master Sound / DD : Direct Disk
7. Master Sound / DD : Direct Disk (45RPM LP)
8. Master Sound / W76
9. Master Sound / W76 45 (45RPM LP)


Master Sound albums have a thick card-board inner sleeve and as well as a booklet introducing the series.



Audiophiles may love the impressive sound of Master Sound.

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