Jan 24, 2021

Japanese Vinyl Laboratory: Red Vinyl

When you collect Japanese records, you might have heard the term Red Vinyl.

Red vinyl records are usually valued at a high price, not simply due its color but due to a greater significance.

Face Records are here to explain!

Why Is Red Vinyl Valuable?

Red Vinyl, also known as Aka-ban or EverClean records was manufactured by Toshiba Music Industries in the 1960s till the early 70s. All genres, LPs and singles were all released on red vinyl.

Red vinyl pressings discontinued in 1974, the year Toshiba Music Industries was renamed Toshiba EMI.

Red Vinyl

Red vinyl or EverClean records main feature was described on their company sleeves, the mix of raw materials resistant to dust due to static electricity. Red vinyl was considered to be the most technologically advanced record at the time.

Nowadays, they are very rare, especially in a near mint, flawless condition.

Apart from its color and innovative technology at the time, red vinyl records are Japanese first pressings of all records manufactured by Toshiba during the 60s. Evidently, nowadays you can discover records of the same title in both red and black color.

Western labels distributed by Toshiba

Blue Note

Red Vinyl_1
The Beatles / A Hard Day's Night (Odeon, OP-7123) with the extremely rare Hankake-Obi.

Red Vinyl_2
The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds (Capitol, CP-7560)

Red Vinyl_3
The Classics IV / Everyday With You Girl (Liberty, LP-8726)

Red Vinyl_4
Nat King Cole / Love/I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore - Japanese lyrics ver. (Capitol, CR-1157)

*Cole sang in Japanese, exclusively on this Japanese 7 inch record.

Red Vinyl_5
Linda Scott / Linda (Kapp, KR-7097)

Red Vinyl_6
Mary Hopkin / Those Were The Days (Apple, AR-2160)

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