Jun 14, 2021

Japanese Vinyl Laboratory: Anime Music On Vinyl Records

Do you want to enjoy Japanese Anime music on vinyl?

Anime or Japanese animation has long been entrenched in Japanese culture.

Already in the 1950s short animated films were broadcasted on television. When TVs became common in the 60s, adults as well as children enjoyed anime series in color.

In the 70s, Japanese anime became popular not only as TV shows but also as movies. Movie companies started to create animated films based on television anime which had sold well.

Space Battleship Yamato directed by Leiji Matsumoto was a typical example of it.

It was a sci-fi anime series of a war chronicle set in outer space.

First aired on TV in 1974, the sci-fi saga soon became a surprise hit among Japanese population, later known as the iconic work of Japanese anime.

In 1977, the animated film version was released and passed ¥2,1billion mark at the nationwide box office.

Not to mention its movies and TV series, the music related to Space Battleship Yamato made a certain record, too.

Records of the soundtracks sold more than 3 million in total. Six albums among them ranked in the best 10 albums in the hit chart of the time.
The success of Nippon Colombia, producing the soundtracks of Space Battleship Yamato, was followed by production of soundtrack records of other prominent anime and film works with SFX (special effects).

Records of Space Battleship Yamato


OST / Symphonic Suite Yamato (Columbia, CQ-7001) issued in 1977.


OST / Arrivederci Yamato (Columbia, CQ-7011) issued in 1978.


OST / Yamato: The New Voyage (Columbia, CQ-7029) issued in 1979.


OST / Space Battleship Yamato (Columbia, CS-7033) issued in 1977.


OST / Be Forever Yamato (Columbia, CQ-7051) issued in 1980.


OST / Be Forever Yamato (Columbia, CQ-7051) issued in 1980.

Other Anime records you will also enjoy...


OST / Original Soundtrack from Lupin III (Columbia, YP-7071-AX) issued in 1978.


Anri / Cat's Eye (For Life, 7K-114) issued in 1983.


OST / Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Animage, ANL-1020) issued in 1984.


The Crystal King / Ai Wo Torimodose, theme song of “Fist of the North Star” (Canyon, 7A0423) issued in 1984.


OST / Urusei Yatsura - Final Song (Canyon, C15G0421) issued in 1986.


OST / My Neighbor Totoro (Animage, 25AGL-3058) issued in 1988.


OST / Kiki's Delivery Service (Animage, 35AGL-3067) issued in 1989.

There must be lots of Japanese anime soundtracks that will attract you.

Once you spin a record, the music will bring you back to your favorite anime world.

With records, you will recall the scene where your hero draws a fierce battle against evil.

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