Mar 31, 2021

Japanese Vinyl Laboratory: 4Channel

Japanese vinyl at one point was manufactured using 4Channel stereo.

4Channel stereo is a type of Japanese record, known as Quadraphonic in English.

Considered to be an innovative audio system that differed from standard stereo records by having speakers from four different directions and a special device. These features created a rich powerful sound.

From the early 70s, numerous companies developed a variety of 4Channel systems. However, all production discontinued in 1979, consequently removing 4Channel stereo from the market.

■CD-4 (Compatible Discrete 4Channel)

Developed by the Victor Company of Japan in 1970.



Developed by CBS in 1971.


■QS/Regular Matrix

Developed by Sansui Electric in 1970.


The many Japanese recordings using 4Channel demonstrates the obsession Japanese people have with sound. Quadraphonic sound was developed to create superior audio and record quality for listeners.

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