Jun 16, 2021

Introducing Japanese Artist: Taeko Onuki

Taeko Onuki is a Japanese artist who is attracting attention from all over the world.

Her works continue to rise in price as city-pop gains popularity across the globe.

But how much do we know about her?

Face Records focuses on her music and invites you to the exciting world of one of Japan's most talented singer-songwriters.

Who is Taeko Onuki?

Onuki was born in Tokyo in 1953. Already as a junior high school student, she started her career as an amateur singer in a band.

In 1973, Onuki formed a band with Tatsuro Yamashita and Kunio Muramatsu named “Sugar Babe”. They only released one single and one album; the band was not as well known as today.

Sugar Babe ‎/ Down Town (Elec, NAS-001) issued in 1975.

After Sugar Babe dissolved in 1976, she made her solo debut with the album Grey Skies.

Grey Skies (PANAM, GW-4023) issued in 1976.

In 1977, Onuki released her second album Sunshower with help from Tatsuro Yamashita, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haruomi Hosono.

The album is now considered a masterpiece and is in high demand.

Sunshower (PANAM, GW-4029) issued in 1977.

Taeko Onuki’s Works

Mignonne (RCA, RVL-8035) issued in 1978.

Romantique (RCA, RVL-8049) issued in 1980.

Aventure (RCA, RHL-8507) issued in 1981.

Cliché (RCA, RHL-8807) issued in 1982.

Signifie (Dear Heart, RAL-8810) issued in 1983.

Why not listen to the nostalgic melody in her music if you never had the opportunity.

Face Records invites you to the exciting world of Japanese music.

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