Mar 22, 2021

Genres of Japanese Vinyl: Pop Music

Pop music remains a key genre amongst Japanese vinyl.

Do you like pop music?

There has been many great western pop music produced on Japanese vinyl.

We are certain that you will find your favorite pop record made in Japan.

Western pop musicians available in Japanese pressings

Elton John
The Bee Gees
The Carpenters
Pet Shop Boys

and many more.

Madonna / Material Girl, Angel And Into The Groove (Sire, P-5199) issued in 1985.

Pet Shop Boys / West End Girls (EMI, S14-133) issued in 1986.

Why are there so many pop records in Japan?

Western pop music was very popular in Japan during the height of Madonna and The Bee Gees success.

Originally, the Japanese audience were familiar with domestic songs with Japanese lyrics and a more oriental sound. Interestingly, western pop music’s catchy pop melodies and foreign lyrics were easier for Japanese people to enjoy.

Why is Japanese press popular all over the world?

While Japanese pressings did not hold any special interest domestically, they have become increasingly popular amongst record fans from all over the world, The OBI is one of the key features that makes Japanese records so popular but it is not just a simple decoration.

The OBI serves a vital role with information on the price of the item during its release, catch copy, and so on. With such information included in the OBI, this helped prevent Japanese record labels from altering the original album artwork.

4 main takeaways of Japanese pressings


1. The OBI strip is unique to Japanese pressings with stylish text and design.


2. As Japanese records are made with virgin vinyl, they produce excellent sound.


3. Japanese people tend to take very good care of their personal belongings, the majority of second hand records in Japan are in great condition.


4. The inclusion of lyric sheets in Japanese records is another collector's favorite.

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